Bài tập hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn Cơ bản & Nâng cao

Bài tập hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn có ích rất nhiều trong quá trình ôn tập của các bạn học sinh. Vậy hai thì này khác nhau ở đâu? Cách dùng như thế nào? Chúng ta cùng tì hiểu nhé!

  1. Cấu trúc thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn
  • Thì hiện tại đơn (simple present tense): là thì dùng để diễn đạt một hành động mang tính thường xuyên (regular action), theo thói quen (habitual action) hoặc hành động lặp đi lặp lại có tính qui luật, hoặc diễn tả chân lý sự thật hiển nhiên.
  • Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn: được dùng để diễn tả những sự việc xảy ra ngay lúc chúng ta nói hay xung quanh thời điểm nói, và hành động chưa chấm dứt (còn tiếp tục diễn ra).
S + V(s/es)

He plays tennis.

S + am/is/are + Ving

The children are playing football now.

S + do not/ does not + Vinf

She doesn’t play tennis.

S + am/is/are + not + Ving

The children are not playing football now.

Do/Does + S + Vinf?

Do you play tennis?

Am/Is/Are + S + Ving?

Are the children playing football now?

  1. Cách dùng thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn
1. Diễn tả một thói quen, một hành động xảy ra thường xuyên lặp đi lặp lại ở hiện tại.


– He watches TV every night.

– What do you do every day?

– I go to school by bicycle.

2. Diễn tả một chân lý, một sự thật hiển nhiên.


– The sun rises in the East.

– Tom comes from England.

– I am a student.

3. Diễn tả một lịch trình có sẵn, thời khóa biểu, chương trình

Ex: The plane leaves for London at 12.30pm.

4. Dùng sau các cụm từ chỉ thời gian when, as soon asvà trong câu điều kiện loại 1


– We will not believe you unlesswe see it ourselves.

– If she asks you, tell her that you do not know.

1. Diễn tả một hành động đang xảy ra tại hiện tại.


– The children are playing football now.

– What are you doing at the moment?

2. Dùng theo sau câu đề nghị, mệnh lệnh.


– Look! The child is crying.

– Be quiet! The baby is sleeping in the next room.

3. Thì này còn được dùng để diễn tả một hành động sắp xảy ra. (THÌ TƯƠNG LAI GẦN)


– He is coming tomorrow.

– My parents are planting trees tomorrow.

Lưu ý: Không dùng thì hiện tại tiếp diễn với các động từ chỉ nhận thức, tri giác như: to be, see, hear, understand, know, like, want, glance, feel, think, smell, love, hate, realize, seem, remember, forget, belong to, believe …

Với các động từ này, ta thay bằng thì HIỆN TẠI ĐƠN GIẢN


– I am tired now.

– She wants to go for a walk at the moment.

Các dạng bài tập thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn mới nhất

Bài tập hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn cơ bản

  1. Where ___________you (live)____________?

  I (live)______________in Hai Duong town.

  1. What _______________he (do) ______________now?

  He (water)_________________flowers in the garden.

  1. What _______________she (do)_____________?

  She (be)______________a teacher.

  1. Where _________________you (be) from?
  2. At the moment, my sisters (play) ____________ volleyball and my brother (play) ______________soccer.
  3. It is 9.00; my family (watch)___________________TV.
  4. In the summer, I usually (go) ______________ to the park with my friends, and in the spring, we (have) ___________Tet Holiday; I (be) ________ happy because I always (visit) ______________ my granparents.
  5. ____________your father (go)_____________to work by bus?
  6. How ___________your sister (go)___________to school?
  7. What time _____________they (get up)_________________?
  8. What ____________they (do)________________in the winter?
  9. Today, we (have)______________English class.
  10. Her favourite subject (be)__________________English.
  11. Now, my brother (like)_________________eating bananas.
  12. Look! Aman (call)_________________you.
  13. Keep silent ! I (listen)____________________to the radio.
  14. ______________ you (play)_________________badminton now?
  15. Everyday, my father (get up)_________________ at 5.00 a.m, but today, he (get up) __________________ at 6.00 am.
  16. Every morning , I (watch)_________________tv at 10.00, but today I (Listen) ________________ to music at 10.00.
  17. Everyday , I (go) __________to school by bike but today I go to school by motorbike.
  18. Every morning, my father (have) ______________a cup of coffe but today he (drink)____________milk.
  19. At the moment, I(read)_______________a book and my brother (watch)_______ TV.
  20. Hoa (live)________________in Hanoi, and Ha (live)________________in HCM City.
  21. Hung and his friend (play)_______________badminton.
  22. They usually (get up)___________________at 6.oo in the morning.
  23. Ha never (go)______________fishing in the winter but she always (do)_____________ it in the summer.
  24. My teacher (tell)__________________Hoa about Math.
  25. There (be)____________________ animals in the circus.
  26. _______________he (watch)______________TV at 7.00 every morning?
  27. What _____________she (do) _________________at 7.00 am?
  28. How old _________she (be)?
  29. How ___________she (be)?
  30. My children (Go)________________to school by bike.
  31. We (go)_______________to supermarket to buy some food.
  32. Mr. Hien (go)________________on business to Hanoi every month.
  33. Ha (like)______________coffee very much, but I (not like)______________it.
  34. She (like)________________Tea, but she (not like)____________________coffee.
  35. I (love)_______________ cats, but I (not love)__________________dogs.
  36. Everyday ,I (go)______________to school on foot, but today I (go)________________to school by bike.
  37. Who you _________________(wait) for Nam?

   – No, I _______________________(wait) for Mr. Hai.

  1. My sister (get)______________ dressed and (brush)_______________her teeth herself at 6.30 everyday.
  2. Mrs. Smith (not live)____________in downtown. She (rent)___________in an appartment in the suburb.
  3. How _________your children (go)_________________to school everyday?
  4. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. Lien (be)________in her room. She (listen) _______________to music.
  5. We_______________________(play) soccer in the yard now.
  6. My father (go)___________ to work by bike. Sometimes he(walk)______________.
  7. _________You (live)________near a market? _ It (be)____________noisy?
  8. Now I (do)_____________the cooking while Hoa (listen)_______________to music.
  9. At the moment, Nam and his friends (go)_______________________shopping at the mall.
  10. In the autumn, I rarely (go)______________sailing and (go)__________to school.
  11. I (write)_____________________________ a letter to my friend now.
  12. At 12 a.m every day, I (have)______________lunch and (go)____________to bed.
  13. On Monday, I (have)________________________ math and Art.
  14. On Friday, I (have)______________________English.
  15. At the moment, I (eat)______________an orange, and My sisters (Play)_______ Tennis.
  16. _______her bag (be)?

  – No, they(not be)______________.

  1. What time _____________your children (go)____________ to school?
  2. He (live)________________in HCM City.
  3. What time___________your brother usually (get)___________up?
  4. My house (be)_________in the city and it (be)_________small.
  5. Every morning , we (have)__________breakfast at 7.00 am.
  6. This (be)________a book and there (be)_________pens.
  7. Mr. Quang (live)____________in the countryside. He (have)__________a big garden.
  8. John (not have)______________Literature lesson on Friday.
  9. What time _________you (start)___________your class?
  10. ___________you (be) in class 12A3?
  11. Mrs. Ha (learn)__________________in Hanoi, but she (not live)__________________ there.
  12. My brother (not live)____________________in London; he (live)_______________ in Manchester.
  13. Now Mr. Long (design) ____________________his dream house.
  14. He (like)_____________APPLES, but he (not like)_____________________bananas.
  15. __________________she (like)______________apples?
  16. Usually, I (have)_________________lunch at 12.00.

   -__________________you (have) ___________________lunch at 11.00?

  1. He can (swim)_______________but I can’t(swim)_____________________.
  2. At the moment, my sister (read)___________________ a comic book.
  3. I (like)__________________ice-cream.
  4. What ___________________Mr. Ha (live)_______________?
  5. Monkeys can (climb)_________________ the tree.
  6. Hang (go)__________________to the bookshop now because she (want) ___________to buy some books.
  7. We (go) ______________to market and (buy)_________________some fruits.
  8. Now, Lan (study)________________English and Lien (listen)______________to music.
  9. Everynight , she (have)____________________dinner at 7.00 p.m.
  10. Every year, I usually (go)______________________Vietnam.
  11. In the summer, I sometimes (go)____________________swimming.
  12. Every everning, my mother (like)___________ watching television.
  13. Lan (have)_______________breakfast and (go)___________to school at 6.30 a.m.
  14. We (not read)___________________after lunch.
  15. Tom (be)___________my friend. He (play)______________sports everyday.
  16. ______________your students (play)__________soccer every afternoon?
  17. He (go)_____________to bed at 11.30 p.m.
  18. They (go)___________home and (have)___________lunch.
  19. ___________he (play)__________sports?
  20. He (teach)_______________English in a big school in town.
  21. Everyday she (go)____________to work by bike.
  22. We usually (read)_________books, (listen)_________to music or (watch)_______TV.
  23. Sometimes, I (play)__________badminton.
  24. Ann (like)____________her job very much.
  25. ___________your mother (walk)_________to the market?
  26. Look! They (run)_________________________together.

Bài tập thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn lớp 6

  1. I ——————— (do/ am doing) my homework.
  2. She ——————— (works/ is working) as a receptionist.
  3. He ——————— (stays/ is staying) with his parents at the moment.
  4. I always ——————— (get/ am getting) up at 6 o’clock.
  5. He is busy at the moment. He ——————— (talks/ is taking) to a friend.
  6. I’m sorry but I ——————— (am not understanding/ do not understand) what you mean.
  7. You ——————— (eat/ are eating) too much fat food.
  8. Which TV channel ——————— (are you usually watching/ do you usually watch?
  9. What time ——————— (does/ is) the train arrive?
  10. How often ——————— (do you go/ are you going) to the movies?
  11. What ——————— (do you do/ are you doing) at the moment?
  12. I usually ——————— (am getting up/ get up) early on Mondays.

Bài tập hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn nâng cao

  1. Rani ——————— with her parents at the moment. A. stays B. is staying C. Either could be used here
  2. My brother ——————— at a bank. A. work B. works C. is working
  3. I never ——————— up before 9 on Sunday mornings. A. get B. am getting C. gets
  4. I ——————— people who ——————— rude to their subordinates. A. am hating, are being B. hate, are C. am hating, are
  5. I ——————— this music. A. like B. am liking C. likes D. have liked
  6. ——————— the meat ——————— bad? A. Does, smell B. Is, smelling C. Either could be used here
  7. I ——————— the dentist at 11 am. A. see B. am seeing C. sees
  8. I ——————— what you mean? A. see B. am seeing C. Either could be used here
  9. He ——————— his dog out for a walk every day before breakfast. A. takes B. is taking C. Either could be used here
  10. If you ——————— too much coffee, you may develop health problems. A. drink B. are drinking C. Either could be used here
  11. What time ——————— tomorrow? A. does she arrive B. is she arriving C. Either could be used here
  12. How often ——————— to the movies? A. are you going B. do you go C. Either could be used here

Với những bài tập hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn ở trên, hy vọng ohaanf nào giúp các bạn trong quá trình học tập. Mọi ý kiến đóng góp vui lòng để lại dưới phần bình luận. Xin chào và hẹn gặp lại ở những bài viết sau!

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